Common Dental Questions

Your responsible, school-aged child is welcome to wait for you during your appointment in our reception room. However, due to safety concerns we cannot allow additional persons in the dental operatory or young children to be left unattended anywhere in the office.

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and CareCredit.

We submit to most insurance companies and are a preferred provider for Delta Dental Premier. Please call our office for more information or if we can assist you in determining your coverage. We do not participate in any of the medical assistance programs.

Not all adults need to have fluoride treatments but there are several reasons to have them:

  • A greater percentage of the adult population is taking medications that cause their mouth to be dry. At this time, there are over 400 known medications that cause dry mouth syndrome. When the mouth is dry the incidence of decay increases due to the lack of saliva.
  • There tends to be more recession of the gum tissue present in the mouth of adults which exposes the roots of the teeth. These areas not covered by enamel are much softer, making them more susceptible to decay, and they can be very sensitive. Fluoride not only helps prevent decay but it also helps reduce teeth sensitivity, making these areas more comfortable.
  • If there is a high decay rate or if someone has a higher susceptibility to developing cavities, we will also recommend a fluoride treatment.

To make your visit more comfortable we do provide nitrous oxide. Please talk to Dr. Toney if you are interested in inhalation sedation during your appointment.

We do not offer one-hour whitening at this time. Recent studies suggest that the light-bleaching mechanism of these treatments are no more effective than the traditional take-home whitening systems. Both treatments provide similar results at the end of two weeks.

Another unfortunate side effect sometimes experienced from one-hour whitening is severe teeth and gum sensitivity due to the higher concentration of bleaching agent required for a single application. With your take-home whitening system you may still experience sensitivity, but usually to a smaller degree and you will have the ability to maintain control over the whitening applications.

Digital x-rays reduce radiation by approximately 80% compared to conventional x-rays. You will also wear a lead apron to diminish any other exposure.

The ADA recommends that children be seen by a dentist at age one. This visit introduces the child to the dentist and the dental office environment in a positive manner. It is also an opportunity to provide caregivers with information on how to care for the child’s emerging teeth and answer any questions. Most children begin having routine cleanings and exams at age three.

We offer two options for interest free financing that allow you to spread the cost of your dental care out into affordable payments.  More details on our financing options can be found by visiting here or by calling our office.

Yes. We provide a comprehensive list of emergency dental services to current and new patients. These services include, but are not limited to,: fillings, crown/cap repair, root canals, toothaches, tooth trauma, sedation, anesthetic, implants, x-rays, pediatric, family services, cavities, broken teeth and many more. Dr. Toney has more expertise in the area of emergency dental care than average dentists based on his experience working at an exclusive emergency dental care facility for over 5 years.

We are currently accepting new patients. Call to take advantage of our flexible scheduling, including lunch and evening appointments