We may recommend that a tooth be extracted for a number of reasons. Severe decay or periodontal disease may mean that a tooth cannot be restored to its original form and function. Some teeth need to be removed prior to orthodontic treatment or in the case that they are poorly positioned in the mouth.

During an extraction you will feel pressure, but no pain due to a local anesthetic. After an extraction you will experience some soreness.You should avoid chewing near the extraction site, drinking hot liquids and alcholic beverages or brushing the extraction site for 24 hours. Over the counter pain relievers are recommended during this 24 hour period.

Even though losing a tooth due to decay or disease can be disheartening, we are well suited to help you in restoring your smile. Bridges and implants are excellent options for replacing missing teeth and Dr. Toney will be happy to discuss these with you prior to treatment.

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