Periodontal (gum) disease develops when the pocket between the tooth and gums is irritated by plaque, bacteria and calculus. As this collects, sometimes deep into the pocket of the tooth, it becomes difficult to maintain proper cleaning of this area at home. If you’re experiencing gum disease, call North Pointe Dental.

Symptoms and Treatment

When untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and other major problems. It’s been linked to conditions like vascular disorder and diabetes. Gum disease can remain undetected without regular dental checkups. The symptoms of gum disease range from simple gum inflammation (gingivitis) to serious chronic disease which can lead to periodontal disease (damage to the bone).

As far as treatment goes, our main focus at North Pointe Dental is controlling the infection. To start, the dentist or hygienist will take an x-ray to see whether there is any bone loss. After this, we will perform a “deep cleaning” or scaling and root planing of these hard to reach areas, which prevents progression of the disease. Scaling and root planing is generally performed over multiple appointments and is combined with 3 month recare/periodontal maintenance appointments until we are certain that your gums are healthy and stable. If the condition is severe enough, flap surgery or bone and tissue grafts may be necessary.

Contact Us Today

If you are experiencing gum disease, call our office for an appointment. Dr. Toney and the rest of our staff will take excellent care of you as we prevent the infection from spreading. Gum disease can be extremely serious if left untreated, so do not hesitate to contact us at (507) 281-3548.